Cup Size Chart

Use the steps below to help you find your ideal Cup Size.

If you have any questions about our size please don't hesitate to call us. Our staff is experienced in fitting mastectomy bras and we would be glad to help you through the process

Step 1 - Your Bra Size (under breast measurement)

With a measuring tape, measure directly under the bust, following the dotted guideline #1 in the picture. Position the tape tight around your body and level across your back. If the number is ever, add 4 inches; if odd add 5 inches. If your number is 36 or more, go up to the next even number (example: If your number is 36, the next even number would be 38). This is your bust size.

Step 2 - Your Cup Size (over breast measurement)

With a bra on, following the dotted guideline #2 in the picture, gently measure around the fullest part of your remaining brest from the center of the sternum (breastbone) to the center of your spine. Double this measurement. Based on the differenece between this measurement in Step 1, you can determine your size using the Cup Sizing Chart. For example, the Under Bust Measurement from Step 1 is 31 inches, which is an odd number so you add 5 inches to come up with a total measurement of 36 as your bra size. The Over Breast Measurement from Step 2, is 19 inches and by doubling this you come up with a total Over Breast Measurement of 38. The difference between Step 1 measurement of 36 and Step 2 Measurement of 38 is 2 inches. As indicated in the Cup Sizing Chart, a 2 inch (2") difference equals a C cup.